8 Owls B&B


8 B&B is located on the High Street in Glastonbury, number 8. It is the Big Yellow Building with a painted archangel at the top. The entrance, however, is sometimes tricky to find. Just left of the house there is archway. If you walk through it you will see the Assembly Rooms at the end, to the right there is a door with the number 3 and metal Owl sign next to it. That’s us.

Please note that we operate on a self check inn basis and since there isn’t an on-site manager at the property, prior notice of your arrival time will be much appreciated and make our job more pleasant.

Parking: As we are located on the High Street it is very difficult to park in front of our B&B and we do not have off street parking. However, St. Dunstan’s car park (next to the Abbey) is 1 min away from us. It has free parking from 6pm-9am and costs £10 from 9am-6pm. Another alternative is St. John’s car park which is 2 mins away and costs a maximum of £5.60 for 24 hours.

Traveller rating: 7.5Good